The Lords of Streetsurfing

the hard core ...
Mr. Iceman Mario (23), "Mr. Iceman"

Young and hungry for all the difficult tricky moves
and certainly all the girls ..

On ice he already had influence to make trick surfing more
popular and so he entered the holy domain of the speed sailors.
I'm too sexy for my skateboard Bence (24), Mr. "Pose & Style"

Streetsurfing was colorless, boring - until he came, saw and won.
His is an actor on skateboard and the concrete is his stage.
Always when he rides on the wide areas of the flat stone
people stopping and watching without movement.
Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present:

The irresistible Power-Poser
I'm too cool for my skateboard Andy "MIB" (26), the Man in Black

Is famous for surfing in black
Is dreaded by all passers-by because of his uncompromising
way of streetsurfing in the highspeed-domain
No picture
too sexy for the Web

The Body of Windsurfing ..

.. for the girls over 18
Philip (19), Surf Instructor and Photo Model

Regularely rapes for streetsurfing an old snowboard

Has tightly got in his head to be the first one
to do a loop on the concrete with a windskating-board
Lady of the Road Manu (25), The Lady of the Road

Belongs to the genus of soft-supple creatures
that don't drive over the asphalt, but hover 2 cm over it

Though the lady only comes to drive if a pink,
velvet carpet with green flowers is lying down
One of the SurfLords Pedro (31), you can't stop this guy ..

Got his own snowboard-school, webdesign-company
and the best of all:

The passion for streetsurfing
The Iron Lady Sabine (28), The Iron Lady

Women, get ready for the Windskater!!

Sabine, the better half of Pedro, shows how it works
and even can't be stopped by bumps and bruises on
her perfect white skin. She likes to disgrace a
lot of males by ripping a radical heli tack
The Kiteman Stefan (31), The Kite-Surfer

That good kitesurfing isn't possible only on water but also on land,
he prooves it in an impressive way

The slam-jibe on the skateboard is even more radical,
as comparable kite-moves on the water
Karl, the big one Karl (41), the Big One

Attention! Attention!

Deepflying, potatofield-mobile submarine with standardly installed anti-lock braking system and tail windscreen wiper has been seen

And with that Karl don't feel so bored while riping a duke-jibe he still has integrated on his rollboard a small swimming-pool
let the adrenalin splash ... If you may have been astonished about twitching past lightnings on lonely, wide running country roads, here finally the solution:

Matthew & Walter, The Speed-Junkies

Small riddle:
What do both guys have in common with reptiles?
The frequency of skin-castings
as they prefer to race topless over the tar at sunny weather ..
just a smiling guy ... Heiko (28), just a smiling guy ..

After one year of sluggishness and scepticism
he finally found his way to the funsport streetsurfing

For this sacred matter he even bought a longboard
Attention - I'm biting ... Marco (27), "Mr. Fanatic"

Just as fanatically he has joined the
windskating municipality some time ago

As living bullet the soldier is regarded as a secret
weapon of the Federal Armed Forces in the meantime!
Mr. Speed-Street Alf (29), the Street Dragon

Always frightens the municipal authority,
because he usually burns deep grooves in the asphalt

Belongs to the genus of streetsurfer (like Matthew & Walter)
who takes their heating over the prairie with 8 wheels (inline-skates)
The Lifestyle Man Erik (32), Lifestyle Man

Paragliding, windsurfing and snowboarding

This guy knows exactly what's important in life and
specifically found the 3 funsports with the biggest
fun level. He also got a social mentality as he some-
times rides together with his small cousin on his windskater
The Hypnotic man Bernd (19), "The Hypnotic Surfer"

Now you know already everything about his surfing style:
If you watch him your eyes get stuck!!

He invented the trick "King Kong"
which up to now noone did except him
Pure Ulm-Power Mad Marc (29)

He invented the windscooter
Cool windskating is even possible on 2 wheels!!

In addition he got annother crazy passion: Cablescooting
Being pulled by are car with a long flexible rope

.. der Hut, steht dir gut .. Rob (33), the Street Mob

Rides a self made boneshaker of the brand "extra-terrestrial". His board is flanked by cut off ski halves (obstacles to be pronged are welcome !!), The wheels reach on hot days just pea size and are excellent suitable for thrilling crossings over rough concrete.

a old bone ... Ritchie (58), The Eternal Fountain of Youth

Has been surfing already for 20 years both on water and on land and has hold always faithfully the boom for streetsurfing despite a lot of fractures in all the years (coccyx /shame bone /surf bone). Power-jibe forever ...

The spiritual leader of the surfin'gang

alles easy oder was At last my paucity, Stefan (29)
Streetsurfing has changed my life completely!

I can only say:
Windsurfers with a favor for tricky moves who have never tried windskating miss a part of the surfer univers. The creative game with the sail in all variants and the thus obliged almost unlimited potential of the maneuver elements is on water (where it is first to control the raw wind power) only possible in a restricted way.

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