The first one who probably ride a kind of rollsurfer was the egyptian sungod Ra. As archeologies found out he sat in a vehicle with wooden wheels and sailed through the deserts about 4000 year before Christus.

By the way, the first real streetsailors came up several years, before the first windsurfers have been seen on the water. When the first suitable skateboards came onto the market it didn't take long, until some freaks had the idea to let them be pulled along the concrete by handmade sails.

The one who made windskating popular was in the beginning of 1970 the french man Arnaud Rossnay. 1975 came up the American Jamie Budge (see picture) who became the big pioneer of windskating. He had been the first one who brought special self-constructed sails onto the market. This "v"-shaped sails are both used on skateboads and rollerblades. For more detailed informations see

In the last years windskating became more and more popular, after it just had been many a matter of the freaks. The reason for that is mainly that the "big brother", the mother of all fun sports, windsurfing is booming strongly. Especially, because freestyle - the tricks of the new windsurfing school - facinates a lot of windsurfers. And doing complicated tricks in an easy way is the big advantage of windskating.

The Californian Jean Rathe did a lot for streetsailing the last years. On the pic you can see him as student of the Lousiana State University in 1986, "when it all began".

Rocky Flynn rode with a selfmade windskater through his hometown Washington in 1978.